When a member needs assistance

  1. The member should contact the Governing Council member in their region.
  2. The GC member can informally assist the member locally for simple files, or direct them to AJC Head Office when the file is more involved/complex.
  3. The member will fill the Intake Form and send it to AJC Head Office at admin@ajc-ajj.ca.
  4. The Labour Relations Officer will prioritize inquiries based on the information provided on the Intake Form.
  5. The Labour Relations Officer will assess the file and advise the member of possible options.
  6. Where necessary, the Labour Relations Officer will seek direction from the Representation Committee.
  7. If applicable, the Labour Relations Officer will communicate the decision to the requesting member of either representing or declining representation and the basis of such decision.
  8. Should the member be represented by the AJC, the Labour Relations Officer will take appropriate action based on the nature of the file, including the drafting and filing of the grievance.


For more information, see the AJC Representation policy below.
Policy Governing Union Representation Services
Individual & Group Grievance Timelines Flowchart

Other Recourse Mechanisms

Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada (External link)